Kate has been an absolute pleasure to work with! For 14 months, my son was up every couple hours. After 2 weeks with Kate- he (and I!) was sleeping through the night! What I loved about working with Kate is that she talked things through with me. If I didn’t like something, we didn’t do it- we found another way that worked for me and my family. Kate listened to my issues and worked miracles by just having us tweak a few things in our lives! She is wonderful to work with and I would recommend her again and again!

-Rachel, mother of James (14 months old)

I can’t say enough how much Kate and her help has meant to me and my family. I was overwhelmed with the challenge of getting my baby to sleep and having a very difficult time. Kate’s knowledge and wisdom made a huge impact. But even more than just giving me very helpful solutions, Kate took the weight off my shoulders by being with me through every single step! She not only took the chore of having to figure out and decide what to do (difficult details like, “Do I let my baby cry,” “Should I feed her,” etc.) from me, but also was the kind, encouraging, sound of reason I as a sleep-deprived mother really needed. Kate helped me feel back in control, like I was not alone, that there was hope, and helped me get my baby to sleep through the night, drop nighttime feedings, and have consistent and longer naps. All around, we as a family are doing so much better thanks to Kate. The fact that we have talked on the phone and texted (even late in the night!) every day is so amazing. We are forever grateful to her!

-Michelle, mother of Beverly (6 months)

Kate evaluated our specific circumstances and came up with a plan to help our baby sleep through the night. Not only did she give us the tools we needed but she was also there with support and encouragement, especially during the difficult times when we needed to tweak our strategy. If you want to get your sleep back, talk to Kate!

-Michael, father of Ben (10 months)