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Often all you need to get your child’s sleep on track is a little more sleep insight.

Hi, I’m Kate. Previously an elementary school teacher, I became a pediatric sleep consultant in 2022. My three little sweethearts and handsome husband are the lights of my life and when I’m not helping a family get better sleep or writing about sleep, I’m most likely soaking in their brilliance. Or administering time-outs like a psycho.

What is gentle sleep training?

If your little one is facing sleep struggles, you may be looking for a sleep training method to address them. If you want to know more about gentle sleep training, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably heard of the cry-it-out method. After a soothing bedtime routine, you place your baby or child in…

How do I create the perfect sleep routine for my baby?

If you are trying to improve your child’s sleep, establishing a good routine is crucial. Babies, starting as early as four months of age, are highly aware of their environment and their brains are working hard to build connections. By creating a calm, connecting, consistent sleep routine with your baby, you can support them in…

What  does “drowsy but awake” mean?

If you’ve spent much time searching the internet for ideas to improve your infant’s sleep, you’ve probably come across the expression more than once. But what does it mean, and why does it matter? I love nursing my babies, and when they would fall asleep at the breast, I loved it. They looked so content…


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