How can a pediatric sleep consultant help me?

If you are having a hard time helping your baby or child to get the sleep they need, a pediatric sleep consultant may be able to help.

Have you read articles online, and nothing seems right for your child?

Have you read a book, or several, and implemented the steps exactly as it said, but your child still struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep during naps and at nighttime?

Is doing what worked for your other children not working for your new baby?

Pediatric sleep consultants have completed months of training and often a number of hands-on, pro bono cases helping real families to get the sleep they need. They are trained in the science of sleep, how different stages of brain development during infant and childhood years affect sleep maturation, and behavioral modification techniques to help parents teach their children how to get the sleep they need in an age appropriate way. A pediatric sleep consultant will ask you a wide range of questions and listen closely to your answers to determine what factors stand between your child and the sleep they need. Next, a pediatric sleep consultant will help you to develop an age-appropriate sleep intervention plan that you feel is right for your family. Finally, many pediatric sleep consultants offer packages providing different degrees of support to the parent as they undergo the sleep training process using the sleep intervention plan.

Another, often overlooked, capacity of a sleep consultant is to share the emotional burden of sleep training with the parent. If you have ever tried cry-it-out, you know the pains of listening to your child cry and doubting everything that led to your decision to sleep train. It can be isolating to be struggling with your child’s sleep, and a good sleep consultant will support and encourage throughout the process. Not only that, but you will have the peace of mind that comes from an outside, expert perspective to create a plan and analyze your child’s response to it day (and night!) by day.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, it might be time to reach out to a pediatric sleep consultant. Most pediatric sleep consultants are happy to talk to prospective clients on the phone to give an idea of what working with them would look like. Just as every parent is unique, every pediatric sleep consultant will have a slightly different approach and it can be helpful to interview multiple pediatric sleep consultants before purchasing a sleep package.