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I only use the most gentle, proven methods to help your little one learn to sleep better.

My Approach

I strongly believe that leaving a baby or a child to cry themselves to sleep is not necessary or helpful when teaching sleep skills. I educate parents about gentle soothing techniques they can employ while their child is learning how to sleep independently during sleep training. You will be physically at your child’s side every step of the way, comforting, supporting, and scaffolding their journey to sleep independence. After determining what behaviors are standing between your child their ability to put themselves to sleep and to stay asleep, we will develop a plan to gently wean them from those crutches so that they can learn to get the sleep they need.

My Qualifications

I completed training as a Gentle Sleep Coach in April of 2022 under Kim West, founder of the gentle sleep training method and author of Good Night, Sleep Tight. The 12 week training program included in depth training in sleep science, gentle behavior modification, coaching skills, and how to customize specifically tailored sleep interventions to the varied needs of individuals.

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