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I am the mother of three angels who aren’t those naturally good sleepers all your friends seem to have. Months after my first was born, I was at an event when my sister-in-law commented that her baby had slept for a fourteen hour stretch, through the night, into the morning, and had needed to be woken up to make it to his own party on time. I had been up since four thirty AM that morning, when my baby (eight days older than hers), had decided it was time to salute the sun. I wanted to cry. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I get my baby to sleep? 

Years passed. I did everything I could think of to help my sweet son to get the sleep he needed. I read countless books and articles online, prayed, drove him in the car, tried cry it out, climbed into his crib- EVERYTHING. Along came my second wonderful son. He was born with a health condition that required hospitalization. He slept in his bassinet most of the day for the first couple months at home as he recovered. And then he started waking up at four thirty too. I couldn’t believe it! BOTH of them? They started waking up at three thirty. I was suffering with intense postpartum depression at the time and didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t see a way out. It was horrible to feel so simultaneously helpless and guilt-ridden because of my boys’ sleep issues. 

Finally, I reached out to a sleep consultant. She was phenomenal and I still love her to this day. It took about six weeks. And then both my boys were sleeping through the night- until six thirty! It felt like a dream (plus I also got to experience dreams since I was sleeping too)! Naps also became more regular and my boys started behaving more calmly and peacefully during their waking hours. 

Fast forward a few more years, and I’m pregnant again with a baby girl. I emailed my sleep coach before my baby girl was even born and discovered she had retired from sleep coaching. Something in me said, I want to be the one who is good at this now. I want this weakness of mine to become a strength. I want to help dig other families out of this pit I had been in for so many years with my first babies. I found Kim West and the Gentle Sleep Coach certification program and was instantly hooked. I absolutely love learning about sleep and applying it to help tired families get the sleep they need. The thing I love about Kim’s method, outlined in detail in her book, Good Night, Sleep Tight, is that you never, ever have to leave your baby to cry. You are right beside them, coaching them, soothing them, and being with them as they learn this vital skill. 

If my story sounds anything like what you are going through- or if you are struggling with kids or babies who struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, have a predictable sleep routine, or are just not sleeping the way you know they could- I get it! I’ve been there! And I want to help your child and you get the sleep you need to stop surviving and start thriving. 

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